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2014 Lettings Gold Award

GOLD – Best Medium Midlands Lettings Agency 2014

Goodchilds is all about service and control of experience. It offers a 100% no quibble rent guarantee scheme included within the fees so if a tenant goes over 14 days in arrears, Goodchilds pays the landlord directly then seeks to recover the costs in its own time saving the landlord time and hassle. This also allows the team to spot early warning signs with tenants and means they can work with them to exit the tenancy and take something more affordable if necessary. They work hard to imbue confidence; another great idea is the “Be a Good Neighbour” initiative whereby if a property goes up for letting, they contact the neighbours around the property in order to keep them informed and onside with the new tenants. The directors recruit staff and franchisees who want a career as opposed to a job and offer flexibility and reward, recently enabling a young employee to become a franchise owner rather than lose them to the competition.

Silver 2013 Award

SILVER – Best Medium Midlands Estate Agency 2013

This is an enthusiastic agency focusing closely on customer service feedback, to the extent that it has streamlined the response mechanisms for ease of measuring reactions and implementing improvements. The clear and defined KPIs help the team with responsibility as everyone knows their role and what is expected of them. The inclusive culture is based around family values and this is imparted to customers as well. Training is bespoke and tailored to an individual so any weaker areas can be addressed and remedied immediately. The back office systems are strong and keep the directors fully aware of everything, with automated emails sent according to the customer’s file and status being updated as it should be i.e. following viewing feedback. The directors want their business to be exceptional, and without exception the entire team is excellent at listening and communicating with clients.

Gold Lettings Agency Of The Year 2012

GOLD – Best Medium Midlands Lettings Agency 2012

Judges agreed that Goodchilds was highly deserving of this award. The panel was impressed with the agency’s focus on technology, particularly its iPhone app, which enables tenants to save property searches. It also praised its ‘Be a Good Neighbour’ campaign, which explains to neighbours of a property the agency manages how to contact them about any tenancy issues that may concern them. The team demonstrates high levels of customer service, which is maintained through the provision of internal and external trainers. Within 12 months’ employment with the agency, new-starters are required to pass an industry-approved qualification. The agency currently retains 98% of landlord clients, with judges commending its solid business systems and processes, which they agreed made Goodchilds worthy of this award win.

Gold Midlands Medium Estate Agency 2011

GOLD – Best Medium Agency Midlands 2011

Every aspect of the teams performance is measured, with feedback given accordingly and the systems and processes changed in line with what’s working. Never afraid to evolve and change, clients who use Goodchilds can rest assured they are in the hands of an innovative and reliable company.

Bronze Franchise 2011

BRONZE – Best Franchise 2011

Goodchilds also continues to shine in this category. It is a fairly small franchise with only 14 offices however it demonstrates a franchise offering which would be exceptional in a much larger business. Its ambition and dedication to growth is admirable and based on a strong foundation, leaving the judges certain it will achieve what it sets out to. Started as a franchise business, the developed infrastructure is clear from the outset. The directors lead by example and remain at grass roots level as well as providing the direction of the business. Training is excellent and thorough and the initial package available to the franchisees is impressive; new owners are well equipped to hit the ground running. Plans to grow the business over the next couple of years will no doubt develop and the panel commented on the exceptional care and attention demonstrated by all at Goodchilds.

Bronze Customer Service 2011

BRONZE – Best Customer Service 2011

The director at Goodchilds stated that, “customer service is a key element; not just something we talk about”, and the team clearly put their money where their mouth is where the standards of customer care are concerned. They ensure that what they promise they deliver, and this approach has reaped dividends in maximising goodwill with the local clientele. Careful consideration has been given to the dovetailing of traditional customer care against heavy investment in useful technology and Goodchilds does this well. The judges particularly commented on the way in which the team mentioned occasions where problems had been encountered and how these had been resolved to give the best outcome for all parties. Brilliant.

Silver Midlands Medium Estate Agency 2010

SILVER – Best Estate Agency Franchise 2010

Goodchilds cares about its business and the overriding aim is to provide a platform for franchisees to launch successfully then to work together to build a business according to franchisees aspirations. Boasting the impressive statistic that they have never lost a franchisee or closed a branch, the strength of the systems and processes behind the scenes is commendable and really illustrates that Goodchilds has been a franchise operation from day one. Autonomy is key and branches show a degree of individuality whilst maintaining the branding and high standards set out by the parent company. Franchisees are offered excellent networking opportunities and the chance to learn and share with each other, a culture singled out by the judges as commendable, also commenting that the commitment, innovation and care demonstrated by Goodchilds was a pleasure to judge.

Gold 2009 Best Franchise

GOLD – Best Estate Agency Franchise 2009

Goodchilds set itself up as a franchise operation from day one and it shows. Their systems and processes are second to none and as a result the growth of the business has been built on a solid foundation but not at the cost of initiative and individuality of the company. Growth is controlled through a combination of through vetting procedures for potential franchisees, strong support for franchisees and a policy of not increasing profitability by more than 50% annually. All franchises are visited once a week and there is real emphasis on measuring activity and productivity to ensure transparency through all areas of the business however there is a good balance between autonomy from the central office and control for the franchisees. Strong on their brand values, Goodchilds manages to successfully marry this with flexibility for their franchisees. Not a business in a box – Goodchilds is a fantastic example of how to do it right and their gold award is well deserved.

Silver 2009 Best Medium Agency

SILVER – Best Medium Midland Estate Agency Of The Year 2009

Rather than cutting costs, the Goodchilds team took the decision to actively seek new business. Thorough training programmes educated the entire team about the economic problems with higher incentives and improved feedback introduced to really motivate everyone to get results. This approach worked as the staff followed their instincts to increase their fees, produce better quality work and used their initiative to support their clients. Involvement in their local community has also served to build team morale and build their brand and ethics among potential new clients.

Bronze 2008 Best Lettings

BRONZE – Best Medium Estate Agency – Lettings 2008

Goodchilds has evolved from a family-run investment company into a successful lettings agency with six offices. They are quick to rent their stock and are rightly proud of their Let By presence in the area. Even more of an achievement is their zero rate of unsatisfied customers – this is a team which looks at the lettings market through the eyes of the landlord and really delivers what’s promised.


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